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Karimunjawa Island Tour – Karimunjawa Island With most of archipelago and become the national marine park, then there are many visitors go to the Karimunjawa to experience this vast marine life as well. There are many varieties of underwater wildlife as you can see turtles, sharks and wide range of fish species as well. Even you are also able to see the shipwrecks as well. There are around 250 of reef fish species and 100 of coral species here. The experts recommended you to visit Gosong Cemara and Taka Panyawangan as the best diving spots here. There are also several popular snorkeling spots, including of Tanjung Gelam, Tengah Island and Menjangan Besar were had been called as the popular spots. There are many things to do here, whether you enjoying the land or beaches here. Every angle offers you with best captured as well.

The other thing that you can do is fishing. There are many tour providers offer you with fishing tours so diehard fishing lovers can get benefit from these packages as well.  Or you can go by yourself by renting a boat and ask the locals where is a good spot for fishing, if you are lucky and catch some fishes, then you can cook them as your lunch and enjoying your fresh food. This is also ideal option for backpackers, escape to the remote place in a good facility, Karimunajawa provides you with great breathtaking view and many activities which never break down your bank as well.  You can visit several places, such as Semarang which is well known for batik, visiting Wonoosoby to know about their village life and culture as well. Even, you can visit Yogyakarta where you can explore exotic places and temples here. This is very friendly option for backpacker travelers.

How you get there?

From Semarang, you can get a bus to the Jepara town that takes around 2 hours. When you arrive in Jepara, you can get ferry boat from the port. When you decide to go with tour provider, then they will pick you up in the port. The fast ferry will take around 1 hour 45 and be departing from Jepara in every Monday, Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday as well. If you have more free time, then you can get 6 hours of slower ferry which is departing in every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. If you have more money to spend and having tight on time, you are able to rent the flight from Semarang to the Dewandaru Airport. However, if you go with travel tour providers, they will set up anything that you need.

Where you get best deal offering of Karimunjawa island tour?

If you have a plan to set up your trip in Karimunjawa in September, then you are lucky because visit Karimunjawa team offers you with special price and make you stay on budget. They provide you with Karimunjawa tour packages in September along with the departure schedule or open trip from crossing destinations, such as: Jepara, Semarang and Kendal port as well. You can enjoy the marine life in Karimunjawa and they will provide anything that you need, including where you stay as well. In addition, you can enjoy the marine tourism destination, land tours in the hill and exploring the mangrove forest in Karimunjawa Island. All of the packages are guided by professional in small group (2-7 people), medium group (8-28 people) and large group (30-200 people). You can check their official site in to get more information about price and other packages as well.  They offer you with many promo packages and even provide you with budget packages as well.

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