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Karimunjawa Island Tour- Karimunjawa Island Indonesian travelers might have been heard a lot about Karimunjawa Island, they offer you with incredible white sand and clarity islands in Karimunjawa Island. This also becomes one of romantic spot for honeymoon destination. No wonder that there are many tour provider also offer you with honeymoon package as well. Karimunjaa becomes a unique and challenging attraction, even these island offer you with something more than you never expected before. The fact is many international visitors are heard about its beauty and choose Karimunjawa as best alternative to explore the marine life along with incredible panoramic as well.

Basically, Karimunjawa becomes the popular destination for everyone who want to spend their long holiday. Besides you can enjoy their beauty of nature, visitor also able to explore amazing marine life which is filled by many species of fish and reef as well. They offer you with best scenery on land and underwater view that make the visitor curious and want something more.

Explore more in Karimunjawa

Karimunjawa is beautiful island in Indonesia, offer you with many natural scenes and still maintaining their sustainability. There are many people who want to rid of their hectic life by visiting beautiful beaches here, Karimunjawa can be one of your best option for you. The tours offer you with special distinction that the other beach resort. The beauty in this area also makes Karimunjawa become the nature reserve or national park which had been protected by Government. Karimunjawa can be your ideal escape to relieve your stress, especially for those who have true adventurous taste.

The beaches offer you with incredible scenery along with the sea and beaches which can attract your admiration, providing you with exciting tour which is no less than the God’s island. There are many activities that you can try here, such as: you can enjoy several water activities here or you just want to get sun exposure in the white sand while you admiring this spectacular scenery. You can choose one of the islands to fulfill your water activity. The tour provider will guide you to find best spit destination based on your need. Your satisfying can be taken from the marine attractions. For those who love underwater life, then you can try snorkeling. The most popular snorkeling site is Menjangan Island which is famous for its coral reefs, many species of fish and even you can swim along with shark. If you enjoy diving, then you can explore the marine life and your dive will be surprised by shipwrecks that had been sunk in a long time. The atmosphere is mysterious and very quiet, along with the ships are getting rusty over the time. This is worth visit destination and you can spend your best holiday with your spouse, family or friends here.

Karimunjawa Island Tour package

If you want to get free hassle and want anything getting set up and well arranged, then you should go with best Karimunjawa islands tour that meets your need. You consider going with Kurnia Karmimun Jawa tour and travel. They offer you with many tour packages based on your need, such as: super budget package, diving package, fishing package, standard package, honeymoon package and more. Even they offer you with open trip in each month all year around. You are also able to choose your package within 2 days 1 night, 3 days 2 night or 4 days 3 night as well. You can check their official site for more info Even you can check their price based on your package and being ready to start your journey as well. Super budget package also suits for those who still student college and want to enjoy their long holiday.

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