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Karimunjawa Tour Package -Indonesia is diverse of the archipelago and offers you with many attractions along with great sights offering as well. Then the best finest form that makes you feel amazed is Lombok and Bali which also popular among local and international travelers. If you prefer to get road less trip and experiencing the remote life, then you can try setting up your trip in Karimunjawa. This offers you with something that you never expect before.Karimunjawa also was known as Karimun or Karimun Java Island. It’s occupied around 80 kilometers of northwest Jepara region, Central Java. This is the small town in Central Java. There are many reasons why you should visit here and lead you to start your planning which is needed to breakdown and discovers great panoramic that Karimunjawa had.

Why you should visit Karimunjawa Island?

The nature lovers will fall in love easily in this place. Karimunjawa is the sanctuary and an archipelago from 27 islands in north Semarang and the off coast of Central Java. The most appealing are incredible beaches along with white crystal sand and clear blue ocean as well. They are just amazing and you will get breathtaking sight, this is can be your perfect escape from your hectic life and satisfy your craving to having fun under the sunlight. The travel experts recommended you with the best time to visit is during dry season in April to October, because Indonesia has tropical climate. You can pack your essential belongings to fight with humid weather, do not forget to bring umbrella, sunblock, glasses, and umbrella. If you think that Bali is too loud and crowded with many tourists everywhere, then you can enjoy your best tranquility scene here. Along with beautiful 27 islands that you can choose from, some of them are unpopulated which is mean that you can enjoy these pieces of paradise on your own. You can imagine that you get incredible camping trip with your friends or family, stay warm with bonfire and look up to the sky which is decorated with many stars.

You might think that just because this location in remote area, then you may worry about poor accommodation here. Although Karimunjawa Island is not as developed as Bali or Lombok, there is no poor accommodation for finding a place to stay, especially when Karimunjawa offers you with several best beaches in Java. You can stay in budget places, such as homestay and motels as wells. Even you are able to find private cottages for those who want t get intimate experience. When you have more adventurous taste, you can go to the Menjangan Island. Because there are many sharks which were sighted around the Karimunajawa Islands. So, this becomes one of best tourist attraction here. Even you are able to swim along with these sharks and this is must do activity here. You don’t need to feel worried because there are smaller and will not bite you. Of course, your guide will ensure your safety first. In addition, you are also able to spot turtles and Java hawk as well.

Get best offering from Karimunjawa tour package

When you consider getting best tour travel provider that offer you with reasonable price or even discount, then Karimunjawa tour and travel become your best bet. They offer you with wide range of tour packages along with special offering as well. Besides you are able to get base regular packet, they also provide you with private package, family package, and honeymoon package as well. you can choose one of them based on your personal need. You are also able to enjoy the land and beach attractions here. Check their official site in

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