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karimunjawa tour travel-Karimun Island also had been known as the Karimunjawa or Karimun Java, this is the best hidden paradise in Java. It’s including of 27 islands in north Semarang and the coast off the Central Java as well. The main island is Karimun, then the second island is Kemujan Island. Both of these islands are just twins, placing side by side and sometimes getting mistaken each other. The name of Karimunjawa literally means that this is the stone’s throw from Java in Javanese language. So, Karimun Island can be your best destination to spend your holiday and you will feel that you travel out of space. Bringing you with untouched scenery and having best sunset view in there. Of course, this is also romantic destination for your honeymoon.This place is famous by local travelers who want to find several amazing beaches and sea without need to travel in other parts of Indonesia. However, Karimun Island also starts to gain popularity among International visitors because it’s so nature and you still able to find virgin beaches here. There are many locals that will introduce you to this place and become the Central Java’s pride for having white sand beaches and clear blue water as well.

What to do in Karimun Island?

Of course, you are able to explore more by snorkeling, you are able to rent a boat and jumping from one to other islands here. You can explore the sea and beaches whenever you go. Snorkeling is a must do here, where you can see the beautiful corals and the sea just blue as you see on wallpaper. There are many small islands were waiting to be explored, Tengan, Gelam and Menjangan Besar Island were most popular islands here. The other activity that you can do is diving because it has 25 of coral types, combination of barrier and fringing in-depth around 15 to 40 meters, sponges and make Karimunjawa can be your best diving spot where you are able to meet with diversity of marine life and even found the shipwrecks as well. The popular local diving spots are Gosong Cemara and Taka Panyawangan.

You might not ever imagine before, but you can swim along with sharks here. There are many sharks are being spotted in Karimunjawa and they can trigger your adrenaline. You can visit Menjangan Island and spot some sharks that you can swim with. The guide will ensure your safety and you don’t have to be worry, just enjoy this incredible experience.  If you enjoy fishing, then you can try to fish in the deep sea. This becomes other best thing that you can try here. You can rent a boat and go to the several fishing spots, even you can catch some of them for your lunch and finish your day with fresh coconut water that found easily in this islands. Last but not least, you can ask the locals or you just hiking to explore more this island.

Where can you get best karimunjawa tour travel?

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